Birthday Musings

Today I’m celebrating my 40th birthday! :)

As good a time as any to reflect a bit. So today’s blog will be less food- and more life-oriented.

I’m exceedingly grateful for so many things. For getting a free vegan cookbook today, for my family, my friends. my health, my career and the fact that I endeavour to work on myself. Both physically and mentally – it’s a synergy right?

I’m grateful that I practise gratitude most days but every single work day. I’m grateful that I don’t suffer from any mental health illness and that I love & believe in myself. I always have my own back and that is so vital. I speak positively to & about myself (mostly – work in progress). Your outer voice becomes your inner voice!

From an eating perspective, I’m so grateful I’ve embarked on this vegan journey. I feel better in & about myself, I know I’m healthier and I’m in a better mood. I appreciate that some would not consider me vegan as I’m in it for my health predominantly. Yet when I go into a restaurant, I don’t ask for a plant-based meal but for a vegan one. To me, vegan means eating a plant-based diet and not consuming any animal products. I’m sure this will continue to evolve over time and I’m curious to see how!

I started my degree when I was 30 years old, a single parent of a 2 year old  and on the benefit. 5  years later I finished it, got a job and I haven’t looked back since. I am now supporting myself & my beautiful daughter whilst working in a career that has taught me so much and  often pushes me out of my comfort zone. Like most of us, life hasn’t always been easy. Yet (as cliche as it sounds) every hardship and challenge has made me stronger and more empathetic towards others, different viewpoints and lifestyles.

I’ve been single since my relationship ended about 2 years ago (wow, that’s gone fast). I’ve worked through a lot of stuff in that time as has my daughter. It was hard on both of us and we really needed time to work through the pain and to heal. I’m grateful for my ex-partner as he taught me so much about myself, about relationships, who I am as a parent and as a person. I also got to be a step-mum which was most definitely challenging but also extremely amazing. I miss those kids/teenagers and hope to see them again soon.

I’ve lived in the Wairarapa for almost 2 years now and it’s been a good move for us. Although it’s not all butterflies and rainbows, some of it most definitely is! We’ve met many awesome people, my sister is only about an hour away and the scenery is breathtaking (and includes a DOUBLE rainbow). Let me show you.

IMG_20191005_144926_resized_20191105_095249010 IMG_20191004_180509_resized_20191105_095303178 IMG_20190923_060543_resized_20191105_095330247 IMG_20190405_081713_resized_20191105_095417120 (1)

Most excitingly, my mum and stepdad will be visiting us at the end of the month and will be spending Christmas with us! My brother & my sister will come and stay for a bit too and we are planning a Gisborne trip (East Coast) which I’m super excited about. So much to look forward to!

On that note, I hope you are grateful for many things too and have something to look forward to.

Auf Wiedersehen,





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