Eating Green – Day 3!

Day 3! It’s going fast. :)

So, today I felt a lot better than yesterday. I had a little bit of brain fog a couple of times throughout the day but I mostly felt great, yay! I find that getting food (or juice) into me in those moments definitely makes a difference. Hedging a guess that my blood sugars are potentially a tad low when brain fog sets in.

As mentioned before, people often don’t get enough calories when switching to a vegan diet so I think that’s the case with me at the moment.

I’ll be eating more fresh fruit and dried fruit through the day. A lot of dried fruit has added sugar so I tend to steer clear of those – in NZ, dates and raisins are good buys as they’re at least 99% dried fruit.

Today I did my first vegan shop! It was an interesting endeavour…


I must say my fridge hasn’t looked this colourful in a long time!


There are still some dairy products lurking in there, but I’ll keep some for my child and some will get a new, loving home. ;)

I had leftover chickpeas, veges & rice for lunch at work today which was actually very very nice. Nicer than when I had it on the day. I added a dash of soy milk to it after heating it which added a lovely, creamy texture.

Throughout the day I had my go-to food (mixed nuts), an apple and a piece of dark chocolate.

For our shared morning tea at work today I made my life easy and bought grapes and strawberries! A few other colleagues grabbed some grapes (muahaha) too so we had somewhat of an overabundance of grapes, though I’m sure they will get eaten. I also noticed that I really wasn’t very hungry nor was I remotely tempted by the food on the table which included home baking and other sweet treats.

I had a big salad for dinner tonight – I couldn’t be bothered to cook for myself again. Plus I had my left-over dinner at lunch so I felt vindicated in my decision. Feast your eyes on this lovely, colourful salad full of goodness (kale, spinach, carrots, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber, bamboo shoots (ugh), beans, pumpkin & sunflower seeds topped with balsamic vinaigrette.


I have noticed that I crave food less. I also felt bloody amazing looking at my shopping trolley today (I knew I should have taken a photo!). It was pure beauty and goodness.

I’ve also invested in some quality items such as actual maple syrup & vanilla extract. Keen to try some vegan baking recipes to warm my daughter’s heart to it! I don’t think she’s too excited about her mother making this decision lol. As her dad & I share her care, I haven’t yet been able to actually talk to her about it so that conversation is yet to come!

However being the proactive parent that I am (well, when I remember to be that is) I emailed her dad to give him a heads up and recommended he watch the documentaries too. I’ll definitely show them to my daughter if she wants to see them. See how things go but I most surely do not expect her to become vegan too.

Looking over my day, I’ve had 10 veg & fruit today:

  1. Kale
  2. Spinach
  3. Carrots
  4. Tomatoes
  5. Cucumbers
  6. Green beans
  7. Apple
  8. Mixed Berries
  9. Snow peas
  10. Capsicum (or peppers)

Pretty decent effort I reckon! Even though I was trying to eat well previously, I still didn’t eat this amount of fruit & veg.

I’ll leave you on that note as it’s almost bedtime for me.

Gute Nacht,



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