Which day is it?

Hmmm, I think I’m on day 7? Or 8?

Doesn’t matter really, what matters is that I’m still going and not planning on stopping. :)

I’ve been reading a lot on a number of Facebook groups for Vegans. There is so much to learn. Honestly, it can feel a bit overwhelming.

There’s this whole thing about oil and that many vegans don’t cook with oil nor eat anything with oil in it. My understanding is that these are avoided for a few reasons. One, they’re not natural but rather made through a specific process and they don’t contain nutrients but are rather high in fat = empty calories.

I have to admit that at this stage in my journey I couldn’t care less. There are pretty much two groups of vegans: your average vegan who doesn’t eat meat nor any other animal products including eggs & dairy, and the whole-food plant-based group who avoid anything that vegans do in addition to anything that’s processed or refined.

I’ll quite happily put myself in the vegan only group as I’m still getting my head around my diet and making sure I get sufficient nutrients and food groups into my system (protein, calcium, vitamins, amino acids etc.). Full disclosure, I’m still figuring out if I may indulge in cheese every now and then in which case I’d be a vegetarian. But no, I haven’t yet!

I know I don’t want to eat animals anymore, that’s a given for me. I had a chat with my daughter today about the morality of people killing animals to eat them. I have to say that but I never gave it much thought previously, probably because I didn’t want to. It still makes me feel uncomfortable thinking about it. I always felt that no matter what I do, animals will get killed anyway. Does that make it okay to eat them?

In myself, I’m feeling okay. I’m currently experiencing my period (TMI?? Yeah, thought so) so that never helps! I most definitely feel good about eating better and less processed food. I’ve also indulged in some baking, including pancakes and muffins. We had nachos one night and instead of sour cream & cheese I added creamed corn (for mine anyway). Here goes….


IMG_20191028_161149_resized_20191028_074305814    IMG_20191027_084850_resized_20191028_074221911

The pancakes were especially nice, I’ll definitely use that recipe again! So light and fluffy without eggs, love it. I actually think those were better than any other pancakes I’ve ever made.

I brought  brown rice & quinoa rice cakes with sea salt which are really tasty too. I had four of them today with a range of toppings: peanut butter & banana, Marmite & vegan cheese, avocado & pumpkin seeds, kale, spinach & avocado.

I’m currently debating on what snack to have before bedtime… Maybe I’ll just have a chai vanilla tea which I’ve been drinking instead of Ovaltine (which I admittedly miss somewhat).

Anyway, it feels like it’s been a long and busy day (because it has been a long and busy day lol) so I’ll sign off for now.

Auf Wiedersehen,








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